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Measurement equipment

• Acoustic camera - system Noise Inspector

• Single range sound level meter, SVAN 945A (SVANTEK)

• Vibration control and analysis system, PUMA (Spectral Dynamics)

• Environmental Noise Monitoring System, DSA-50 ZWP

• Tapping machine, type STM-1

• Dodecahedron loudspeaker OS1 Omnidirectional with power amplifier VESTAX VDA-1000, 1000 W

• Digital mastering processor Behringer DEQ 2496

• Acoustic calibrator, class 1 SV30A_1 (Svantek)

• A1 printer HP 110plus nr

• Ease 4.2 - acoustic simulation software

• ODEON - acoustic simulation software

• LEQ Professional and Traffic Noise - software for calculation and presentation of environmental noise

• AFMG Soundflow - simulation software for calculating the absorption, reflection and transmission of sound by multi-layer structures

• ArCADia IntelliCAD - CAD software