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Location of noise sources using Acoustic Camera- Examples
Location of noise sources using Acoustic Camera- article "The noise sources identification
and noise reduction in the industrial plant"
Location of noise sources- article "Noise sources location in fluid power units"
Article about offered products- Architektura i Biznes [pl]
Cellulose plasters- article "Acoustic improvement in rooms" [pl]
Sport Halls- article "Acoustic improvement in sport halls by means of cellulose plasters" [pl]
Sport Hall- adaptation of sport hall using SonaSpray [pl]
Cellulose plasters- profile of cellulose plasters [pl]
Acoustic plasters- profile of available acoustic plasters [pl]
Acoustic plasters- article about SonaSpray plasters in "TYNKI" periodical [pl]
Pedestrian bridge in Wrocław- tuned mass damper [pl]
Vibration isolation by floating slab track system- article in "Infrastruktura Transportu" periodical [pl]
Two stage vibration system- article about vibration conveyer [PL]


SonaSpray plaster- profile of SonaSpray plaster [pl]
Concert hall, Montpellier- vibration isolation of buildings
Dance hall and Rock cinema, Den Haag- vibration isolation of buildings
Theater, Kwai Tsing- vibration isolation of buildings
Concert hall, Shanghai- vibration isolation of buildings


Public award SUPER-EKO 2003 SUPER-EKO 2003
Eurocertyfikat 2008 in category "Certificate of the Company Credibility" Eurocertyfikat 2008


Acoustical standards- list [pl]

Projects done



Using of TMD on pedestrian bridge in Wrocław
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