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Sound & Vibration Meters

We offer Svantek instruments for sound and vibration measurement and analysis

SVAN 955

Sound Meter and Analyser

The SVAN 955 is all digital, Type 1 sound meter along with analyser. Instrument is intended to general acoustic measurements, environmental noise monitoring, occupational health and safety monitoring. Using computational power of its digital signal processor the SVAN 955 can perform real time 1/1 octave analysis including statistical calculations, real time FFT analysis, reverberation time RT 60, Tonality and Loudness. Each option is parallel to meter mode.

SVAN 958

Four Channels Sound & Vibration Meter/Analyser

Four Channels Sound and Vibration Analyser with time domain signal recording. SVAN 958 is a fully digital, four channels 20 kHz signal analyser including Type 1 sound level meter (meeting IEC 61672) and vibration meter (meeting ISO 8041:2005). Simultaneously to the meter mode, SVAN 958 can perform advanced frequency analysis including 1/1 or 1/3 octave analysis, FFT analysis including cross spectra's and sound intensity measurements. Reverberation Time measurements, noise dose meter and rotation speed measurements are also available. Moreover, SVAN 958 has an exceptional feature of time domain signal recording to the USB memory stick.

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