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Acoustic camera - Noise Inspector

Noise Sources can be visible

The Noise Inspector of CAE Software & Systems is the tool for precise and quick localisation of unwanted noise sources.

Since the measurement is done with a microphone array which can be set up easily and quickly, the system is very mobile and versatile.

The processing methods used are applicable to stationary and non-stationary noise sources outdoors and indoors.


•Analysis using beamforming (delay and sum) or nearfield acoustic holography (SONAH)

•Enhancements to beamforming for optimal resolution at low frequencies, e.g. the Capon method, CleanSC,DAMAS or the MUSIC algorithm

•Further algorithms may be seamlessly integrated due to the open programme structure and the easy to use labVIEW interface

•Convenient documentation of measurements and analysis results by direct transfer to MS Office

Datasheet - Acoustic camera

Technical specification - Acoustic camera